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    Even when we are under pressure, Excellence is the watchword.

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    We have two bases strategically located in United Kingdom and Tanzania.

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    Vital link between producers, businesses and consumers

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    Quality service to our customers.

  • ‘One of our cement mixer truck is ready for hire, just came back from a project that we have  successful accomplished, now we are looking for a new challenge, new project. Call us on 0717 583917  and 0736460028, alternatively drop us an email on  info@asamagroupltd.com.”

    #No job is Small job, every job wealth doing.Welcome all.

  • Dear our esteem Customers,

    We are happy to announce that, we have a new product in the market called the ROUTE CALCULATOR. We advise you start using it. This brings effective communication, Better  performance and efficiency between us (ASAMA) and you(Our esteem customers). It will  help you to create and maintain competitive advantage in the market place, due to short chain of communication. We want you to “See the Patterns, Understand the Order and have time to experience the Visionsame way as we do.

    We have  updated our contact column as from now  on ,What’s up is  being opted and proved to be the  quickest way to establish communication between us (Asama) and you straight from our website, please go through to experience the difference.

    Last but not least, please click the blinking sky blue  button on the top right  corner of our website to start experiencing the new product. JUST fill in  the box provided where from to where you want to Transport your Cargo or Goods, the rest will take care itself . Press the contact button above to give us a call , what’s up  or drop  an email and  we shall take care of your order .

    We promise you won’t be disappointed with the experience. Please the link below for more guidance.


    Route Calculator


Transportation & Logistics

We have two bases strategically located in the UK and Tanzania in order to best serve our clients.

Our clients are serviced with a fleet of over 12 trucks of various configurations, with a loading capacity varying between 7 tons to 32 tons allowing us to serve both rural and long haul destinations.

We are compliant with all Tanzanian health and safety regulations as well as those required to transport various imported equipment and hazardous materials. As an organization aware of its carbon footprint, we are keen believers in sustainable and ethical practices of business, with the minimal amount of global impact. As part of this commitment, we have introduced various programs to recycle transport bi-products such as tyres, oil and scrap metal.


IMG_1087Our Vision

– To provide the best people, technology, and equipment to solve transportation problems.
– To help our clients create and maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
– To provide quality service to our customers.


Our Commitment

Asama Group Ltd represent quality to our customers and to ourselves. We provide to you transportation services that meet all mutually established requirements in a safe manner, every time. We provide a hassle free environment for customers, suppliers and fellow employees.